Answering Machine

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Do you have a comment, question or just want to say howdy and you’re not sure where to put it? Well, you’ve found the right place.  Feel free to leave all comments that don’t tie-in with a specific article bellow.  If you need to contact me directly, you can also email me at  If you haven’t received an email reply within three days either leave a comment bellow or shoot me another email.


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11 01 2006

Kelsey, you make me happy. I love the answering machine idea. :0) You’re amazing!!!

Lots of Love!!


I’m glad I make you happy, and that you like my new “answering machine.”

I always enjoy getting comments from you. You make me happy, too.


30 12 2006

Kelsey, I think this is a very good idea. I am sure there are a lot of people with things to say. When you usually, visit someone’s blog you are always welcome to leave comments but almost feel obligated to leave a comment that in someway relates to the latest post.
An open forum, good idea.

Thank you, Bill.

Hopefully, it provides a way for people to comment who might like to without making them feel like they have to tie it in with a post. I always feel like I’m being so random if it has nothing to do with a post.


16 01 2007

hey moe, you on myspace?

Yep, I’m on MySpace. I gave in a little while ago and became apart of the masses. 😛


21 04 2007

I like your site/template modifications to both your sites.

Thank you. I’m glad you like the new modifications. 🙂


14 10 2007

Hey I love your blog. Its really neat.

Thank you, Rachel. I’m glad you like it. 🙂


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