I’m Back… I think

30 09 2007

j0430638 (2)

For the past few months a personal writing project I’ve been trying to finish has been sucking up all of the time and energy I’d normally devote to blogging, emailing and generally just having a life.  It’s as if there’s been a large leach clinging onto my scalp as it sucks out every drop of creativity until there isn’t even a dry breadcrumb left to throw at my blog.  But I’m hoping to try and change that.

My writing project isn’t complete yet, but it’s moving along nicely, and I’m going to attempt to juggle blogging again.  So, after an extended abscessed from the blogosphere, I’m finally back… or at least, I think that I am.





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1 10 2007
Mrs. Nicklebee

Welcome back! I like the new look and title. 🙂

Thank you, Mrs. Nicklebee. It seemed like it was time for a change.


2 10 2007

My theory is that there’s only a finite amount of creative energy in you each day so if something’s taking all of it you have to go with the flow and just pour it all in until it’s finished!

So, glad to hear the project is nearly finished and I hope the rest of it goes well. If it’s as well written and thought out as the stuff you post on here it should be very interesting.

Take care you.



Yes, I completely agree. There does seem to be only a finite amount of creative energy for each day. After I’ve used up my allotted amount it’s as if I run headfirst into a mental wall and there’s no getting past it until tomorrow.

You’re right, BC, it is best to just pour it all into my project until it’s finished, but I’ll at least be lurking on WordPress a bit more than before. 🙂


2 10 2007
The DT

I was wondering where you had gone off to. I was about to conclude “abducted by aliens”, but hey! You’re back.

Yep, I’m back. The aliens decided to let me go long enough to write a blog post.


24 10 2007
Bill Howdle

Sorry I haven’t been around in a while, life just seemed to get in the way of much I wanted to do. It is good to see you back and good luck with the project.

Oh, it’s fine, Bill. I understand completely. Sometimes, life does just get in the way.


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