What is Holding Us Back?

21 08 2007

What's holding us back

“In this day and age, the biggest problem we young adults face is not drugs or alcohol – but the stereotype that we’re stuck in. Today’s teens are categorized as adolescents, so they act like adolescents.”

-Excerpt from “What is Holding Us Back?” by Eric Novak

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21 08 2007

The biggest problem is not acting like adolescents, but never taking responsibility. Mike Vick, ECT. This genaration has become a (It’s Not My Fault)

22 08 2007
Eric Novak

“The biggest problem is not acting like adolescents, but never taking responsibility. Mike Vick, ECT. This generation has become a (It’s Not My Fault)”

Though that is the first tendency when reading my article, its not totally true. I have the privilege of writing that article from the sidelines of the argument. I’m homeschooled.

When I look at the way that teens are acting I really have to ask why they are they that way – Is it because they are teens? I don’t think so.

If we look at teens from 100 years ago we see a totally different character. Note that George Washington started surveying at 16, making around $100,000 in modern purchasing power. Henry Ford apprenticed himself at 15 years of age. If we look at famous figures of yesterday, we find that most of them started young. What changed? Society.

I have heard it said by many a non homeschooler: “Why are home schoolers more polite then public schoolers?” It is because there is no adverse effect from the media, school, government, etc.

This is not shielding a child from the outside world, it is just shaping their character correctly. My sister was homeschooled all of her life. She is now a successful journalist in the real world. In fact, she is working on assignment in NY right now.

I do agree with you though, when problems come up the teens always seem to blame someone. Where do they get it though? Maybe from people can’ figure out Mcdonald’s coffee is hot, so they have to file a lawsuit.

I would really encourage you to read this Samuel: “The Myth of Adolescence.”

Eric Novak

22 08 2007


Speaking as a homeschooling parent (our children have been home educated all the way from Kindergarten through their High School graduations), I think it isn’t necessarily accurate to paint all homeschoolers with the same brush and say that they’re ALL polite and aren’t being led astray by peer pressure, media messages, or the negative affects of general society at large.

Some of the teens with the worst attitudes I’ve ever seen were the homeschoolers in a church youth group my kids attended before we recently moved to a new community.

The vast majority of the kids at that church were homeschooled. But they were also fully entrenched in clique’ behavior (and all the meanness and superficiality that can come with it), a true mob mentality, ungodly thinking and lifestyles, and a serious lack of personal responsibility.

Now remember, I’m a homeschool parent myself, so I’m certainly NOT bashing homeschooling (I’m all for it, but I also don’t think it’s the right choice for every family) … and I’m not trying to say all homeschoolers are like the kids in our former youth group. I just wanted to make the point that I think the lack of personal responsiblity isn’t just for teens who aren’t growing up as homeschoolers. I think it’s something that’s running rampant in our society these days.

I’m nearly 50 years old so I’ve seen more than one generation go through their teenage years, and I think I can honestly say that the whole “adolescent mindset” is lasting longer now than it was previously (sometimes well into people’s 30’s).

Growing up to be responsible, God-fearing adults doesn’t seem to be something that kids and/or teens are taught or expected to be anymore.

I could go on and on and on … but I’ll spare you the tirade. 😉


22 08 2007
Kelsey Hough

Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment. Any further discussion about schooling options will have to be deleted by the moderator, though, since the purpose of this blog isn’t to be a debate forum for educational philosophies.

Thank you all for understanding.


22 08 2007
Eric Novak

Maybe we could talk about this over at my blog?

I would really like to continue this discussion. 😉

Eric Novak

22 08 2007
Insufferable Know-It-All

Only a few years ago I was a part of said “adolescent” group- I believe my generation falls in this bracket. It amazes me how many of my peers still shy away from responsibility and accountability. They flout authority and have disregard for rules and guidelines of every sort. My generation is raising the generation of the future and that scares me. My generation- the “not my fault” “not my responsibility” “woe is me” generation is raising children who they won’t be responsible for and who will teach them how to avoid responsibility.

I often wonder how I turned into a decent, responsible, dependable young adult (who went to public school 😉 ), and know it is largely based on good parents who set rules with real consequences and taught me to have morals and live my life with integrity. I grew up with chores and books and family activities and church… A lot of my generation was raised more by the TV and their friends than they were by parents.

And a lot of my generation had and has things handed to them. So many teens are given their first car, their parents pay for all their education, etc. They live in a material world! They did not have to work for anything they have, so it means nothing to them. Nothing they have means anything to them. And as they have not learned the value of labor and the VALUE of being an adult, they have not become such.

What’s holding us back? I don’t think this generation knows how to move forward- and sadly enough- I don’t think they want to put forth the effort to do so.


23 08 2007

History tends to repeat itself. Because we tend not to learn our lessons. Like Israel in the Old Testament, they did great for a while and then they would blow it for a while. God would spank their behinds and they would straighten up….for awhile.
Maybe this is the way God is spanking our behinds. We’ve (Americans) put sooooo many idols in front of God and have failed to hand down the truth of our faith in a proper way. Our sin has found us out. We can cry and whine about it or we can get out there and disciple some people.
What shall we do?

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