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9 06 2007

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Things I couldn’t help but overhearing, probably because I was eavesdropping, and now have taken entirely out of context for your reading pleasure.

1. “I’m just saying I want to go to the Beetle Mart; I’m not making a joke.”

2. “The mating call of the wild centipede sounds like a dying moose.”

3. “I don’t see how it matters since he was a mental toilet.”

4. “You’re humoring me; I don’t appreciate humor.”

5. “When Einstein was young, he knew he’d either grow up to be a genius, or a stand up comedian. He decided to be a genius, because it’d look better on his résumé.”

6. “On the other hand, you have different fingers.”

7. “It’s hard to tell zebras and giraffes apart since they look so much alike.”

8. “I’m not a nobody; I’m your mother. Well, not your mother per se.”

9. “I’m going to be a professional party-pooper when I grow up.”

10. “I think you should use fake names, it always sounds more realistic that way.”

11. “If you were in a ‘Morbid Contest’, you’d win first prize.”

12. “Come help me, I dropped St. Francis behind the refrigerator!”

13. “If you say ‘chip’ without the ‘i,’ it’s “chip-oo.”

14. “I think my Mother Ship is a tattoo parlor.”

15. “Oh, you knit, too?”   “Unit two? I don’t even remember unit one!”

16. “I love green food … kiwis, peas, avocados, cheese.”




8 responses

9 06 2007
D. Peace

Wow…. where the hell do you work?

Great list. Very funny and very twisted.

You seem cool. Keep up the good blogging.

Welcome to my blog, D. Peace. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Actually, the majority of the quotes weren’t from work. They came from everywhere, the local park, a friend’s house, a coffee shop, and so on. Lots of places, lots of people, lots of wacky things said.


9 06 2007

Number 16 slayed me. Great list, Moe.

Glad you liked it, DT.


9 06 2007

number 6 for me……….hehehehe

I like that one, too. Profound, isn’t it? 🙂


10 06 2007

LMHO. Mine are number 4 & 7. Don’t appreciate humor, eh – then off with your head. And who could possibly confuse a zebra with a giraffe? Amazing. Great finds. Thanks for the laughs,

Yes, I liked those ones, too. People can be a blast to listen to.

It would be funny to see someone mistake a zebra for a giraffe, or the the way around. All those four legged African animals are so hard to tell apart, you know. 😉


10 06 2007

Loved it! Especially 8, 12 & 15! 15 reminds me of a conversation I eavesdropped on when I was a barmaid at Uni about 15 years ago. I was serving customers and listening in on an hilarious conversation between two VERY old, fairly drunk, and quite deaf men, it was hilarious! I actually grabbed a pen and paper and wrote much of it down as they went and this is the first time I’ve thought about it all that time! I wonder what on earth I did with that scrap of paper, would love to find it!
This is a great writing exercise Kelsey – keep doing it!

It’s it amazing the strange and funny things that come out of people’s mouths? It’s fun to take note.

That sounds like quite the conversation to overhear. If you ever stumble across your piece of paper you’ll have to post it. It sounds hilarious! 🙂


11 06 2007

Number 2 had me dying. Probably partly because of an inside joke my roommate and I have, but it’s funny nonetheless. (Is that all one word? I think it is.)

Maureen, welcome to my blog! Thank you for dropping by and for taking the time to comment. I glad you enjoyed the quote. 🙂

Yes, it is one word. A very long one, though.


29 07 2007

“On the other hand, you have different fingers.”

This is truly sagacious.

Oh, yes, it’s very wise.


30 09 2007

I still like number 5 best.

Yes, that is a good one. 🙂


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