Playing for Keeps

20 03 2007

“Each player must accept the cards life deals him. But
once they are in hand, he alone must decide how to play
the cards in order to win the game.”




4 responses

21 03 2007

Easier said than done but a cool quote (and pic!) just the same.

It sure is easier said than done. It’s like playing a brand new game, without knowing all the rules, and you’re not allowed a practice hand.


21 03 2007

Fantastic quote and one I’ve not seen before. Thanks.

I’m glad you liked it, WC. I hadn’t seen it before either. My mom emailed it to me.


22 03 2007

it’s amazing how we each differently play our hands.

and yes, so far, velvet elvis is very good (only thru 1/3 of the book)

Yes, it truly is amazing watching everyone play out thier own hands.


23 03 2007

Hi Kelsey, excellent quote. Isn’t it amazing how no matter what the hand is that God deals us, He is always there to help us play it through. I doubt though if there are any 2 people if dealt exactly the same hand would actually play it all out the same way.

I’m glad you like the quote.

It is amazing how we don’t have to play our hand on our own; He’s there with us. We all have such very different hands, but because we’re all so vastly different, I’m sure no two people would play thier hand out the same, even if they were dealt the same cards.


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