All that Love Stuff

13 02 2007

“Valentine’s Day falls on tomorrow this year.” ~Winnie the Pooh




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13 02 2007

Awww that pic is so cute! Yes valentine’s day tomorrow or it could be a snow day for me!! =) I like the little conversation heart that says smile. 🙂


Snow day’s are fun! You could make a snow heart. 🙂

My favorite one of the conversation hearts is the one that says smile, too. I’ve never cared much for the way they taste, but I think they’re cute.

Happy early Valentine’s Day, Hannah!


15 02 2007

I like the heart that says “Fax Me” … a Valentine’s greeting for the 21st Century. lol They sure didn’t have that one in the box when I was a kid. 😉


I thought the “Fax Me” heart was funny, too. There should be “Email Me” and “IM Me” ones.


17 02 2007

And so it did and does. Hope you had a fine one and got at least 10 valentines cards from handsome studs.

LOL- No valentines from studs this year.


17 02 2007

Valentine’s Day falls on tomorrow this year

A bear full of laconic witticism for sure.

Oh, yes, Pooh’s known for his amazing wit. 😛


19 02 2007

No valentines from handsome studs? It’s a travesty I tell you! Haven’t the boys in your neighborhood have eyes? Jeez!

LOL- oh, yes, it’s a travesty. Their loss. 😉


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