3 02 2007

“I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character.”– Theodore Roosevelt




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7 02 2007

Kelsey a great quote, words to live our lives by.

I liked it. Quotes are fun. 🙂


8 02 2007

LOL – great minds think alike eh, Kelsey. I just posted this last week on my blog.

Yes, great minds do think alike. I’d forgotten you’d posted it too until you said something about it. It’s a good quote. 😉


8 02 2007

my favorite President

He’s a good choice for a favorite. When I was little Teddy was my favorite, because I figured any President with a toy bear named after them must have been awesome. 😛


9 02 2007

When I first read this quote I was thinking to myself, “What is this quote saying?” But after I read it like 5 more times and sorted it out part by part i got it. I like the quote, and as my Dad would say, Coolbeans. =)
And thanks for the comment on my post. I feel very welcome to the bloging world.


Yes, I like it, too. My mom says cool beans. Maybe it’s a parent thing. She use to say it just because it bugged me, but then I started saying it, too. If you can’t beat them, you might as well join them. 🙂

I’m glad you feel welcome now that you’ve joined the blogging world. I hope you enjoy blogging; it can be a lot of fun.


20 02 2007

Spot on. Absolutely how I believe it should be.



I agree. It is how it should be. 🙂


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