What Sort of Sense of Humor Do You Have?

15 12 2006

Some families, or so I’m told, dicuss politics, current events, and religion, and others (or at least mine) dicuss wether someone would be better classified as having a Cary Grant or Monty Python sense of humor.  What follows, are the “humor profiles” that resulted from our very important evening discussion.    

Mom– Jimmy Neutron and Monty Python meet Worf (from Star Trek Next Generation).   She’s random, with some British humor, and is very dry. 

Shannon- The Princess Bride and Cary Grant meet Worf (from Star Trek Next Generation).  She’s spontaneous, tweaked, kind, but funny, and often dry. 
Shannon might have the most mature sense of humor of any of us.   

Ian- Monty Python meets The Three Stooges.  It equals out to classic “pie in the face” slapstick with a wacky British sense of humor.  

Kelsey (Yours truly)- Veggie Tales and Tim Burton meet Data (from Star Trek Next Generation).  Almost British humor, appeals to young children, random, morbid, and a little disconnected from the rest of humanity, or you could also say I march to my own drum.  




6 responses

17 12 2006

well there’s some food for thought for our next dinner conversation…
wonder what we’ll come up with.
we have compared ourselves, and others we know, to various birds…

17 12 2006

Wow, what a great topic of conversation – lol though my family never discussed politics lest we end up in a free for all – rolling on the floor with wagging fists.

I’m the punny type – the worse the pun the better. Though I do a mean Ponty Python impression of men impersonating women.

Cute post, Moe.

17 12 2006


Birds? That sounds like another interesting conversation. I’m not much of a naturalist (I enjoy it, I just don’t know what anything is called), so I’d have a hard time thinking or something. 🙂


17 12 2006


Yeah, sometimes you have to stay away from things like politics with some people for fear of someone losing an eye.

LOL … I’d love to see your impression, it sound funny. 🙂


18 12 2006

LOL – I’m not sure you could sit through it without ear muffs, rather shrill. My chum Zelda and I do an improv routine frequently with Monty Python overtones. Maybe we’ll do a vid someday and I’ll post it. You’ll be the first to know if that ever happens. 😉

18 12 2006

LOL- Sounds like a plan. 😉


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