The Darker Side of Tree Trimming

11 12 2006

“What’s the point of having a Christmas tree?” one of the neighborhood boys asked. 

“Um…I don’t know.”  I said fighting with the Christmas tree stand from underneath the tree, while glass ornaments took suicidal jumps off the branches and onto the floor, and the CD player hummed “I’ll be Home for Christmas.”  For a moment, the reason anyone ever bothered decorating seemed to have escaped me.         

“Don’t people normally take their trees down after Christmas?” he asked again staring at the lopsided tree that was standing in our living room with a mix of confusion and amusement. 

“We’re not taking it down.” Ian answer.  “We’re just… well… starting over again.” 

“How long have you been putting up the tree?” he enquired. 

I stuck my head out from under the tree and looked at the clock.  “Goodness!  We’ve been working on this silly tree for the past four hours, we’ve had to take all the ornaments off it, and it still doesn’t even stand up straight!” was the answer to his latest question.  Why do we have Christmas trees?  The word “fun” seems to be coming to mind, but who knows.  

In my house, my mom has always been the “tree expert.”  She does the whole thing from making it stand up straight, to hanging the popcorn garlands, and stringing the lights.  But this year, several other people decided to have crisis right in the middle of our tree decorating, so my sixteen-year-old brother Ian and I were in charge of making sure the house didn’t burn down and somehow the tree got set up by the end of the day.  

We threw our hearts into setting up the tree, and in return the tree threw itself onto Shannon, the coffee table, and it threw most of the ornaments onto the living room floor.    

After consulting with the “tree expert” we tried tying it to the wall.  Simple right?  Well, not quite.  It just pulled the nails out of the wall and threatened to rip a hole in the wall if we dared do it again.           

Even after several hours, we never did successfully trim the tree.  When my mom left it was standing up nicely it its stand, strung with lights and garlands, but when she returned, it was completely stripped and was lying on the floor.  But it wasn’t a complete waste of time, because we had more than enough time to listen to ever single one of our Christmas albums, both old and new, answer countless questions about Christmas trees, and we also provided a bit of a show of the little kids in the neighborhood.          

Yet again, mom put the tree up all by herself, and I’m happy to report the tree is still standing, it hasn’t fallen on anyone else, and it looks lovely.  If it falls over, though, it either gets to stay on the ground, or someone else gets to deal with it, because I’m not touching another Christmas tree this year.      

Happy holidays, and may all your Christmas trees stay up! 😉




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11 12 2006

Heehee, this makes me laugh, i had a similar experience, except holly and i got so angry that we just gave up, so now we have a green tree, with no decorations, leaning in a precarious way. :0P

Well, if my mom hadn’t done it, I’m sure we would have just put it back outside again.

When my mom left we had the tree standing up nicely in the stand and it had all of the lights on it, but when she came back it didn’t have anything on it and it was laying on the floor! lol


11 12 2006

Oh Moe! What a riot! I’ve been there too. The dang thing wouldn’t do anything for me but then in walks the expert who gets total obedience. Oh well, we all have our talents. Yours is the gift of laughter honey.

Thank you. It’s good that I have some other giftings, because putting up trees is NOT one of them! lol


12 12 2006
Mrs. Nicklebee

Kelsey! That is so funny!! Forgive me for laughing but I have had experiences very similar to that!! I almost got to the point where I wanted to beat the tree to a piny pulp a couple of times. We have a puppy now and the very fake tree is safely out of her reach most of the time and is only decorated with lights and candy canes.

Glad your Mom came home and put the tree up for you. 😀

Oh, I think it’s pretty funny now, too! It wasn’t so funny at the time, but give it a little bit of time, and it’s funny.

Christmas trees can be very frustrating. It takes forever to put this silly thing up in the first place, and then sometimes, it doesn’t stay up! In my house, if it doesn’t say up, it’s normallly thanks to one of our cats.

I’m glad my mom came back and did the tree, too. If she hadn’t, we just wouldn’t have had a tree this year.


12 12 2006

LOL! that’s so funny, i’ve never had that experience yet, my parents handle the trees when it comes to getting one…


Yes, well, give it time. 😉

I’m not sure everyone is quite as “gifted” at tree trimming as me, though, so you might have more luck than I did.

Thanks for stopping by, Ash.


15 12 2006

Yep that’s what happend with the tree. It was odd having a tree fall on me… oh and I like the story a lot, because I was there when it happend.

I’m glad Mom came and saved us.


It will give you something to tell your kids about someday. Most people can’t say the Christmas tree fell on them.

We left the tree on the floor and then vacated the premises, so I think it’s more like mom saved the tree than us, but either way, yes, I’m glad she finished the job.


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