Fifteen Random Facts…

30 11 2006

1-My fish’s name is Harold, but everyone in my family regularly forgets and calls him Howard.  One of these days I’m going to get one of those “Hello My Name Is” stickers and stick it on his tank, so everyone will remember.       

2- I have the same birthday as Dr. Seuss- March 2nd, which I think is pretty cool. 

3-There are few things I enjoy more than playing and working with kids.  I feel like I get to use all my passions and talents at the same time while doing something I adore.   

4-Lizards are my favorite animal.  I have both a lizard ring and watch that I always wear.  Little boys often talk to me about them, because they generally think lizards are cool, too.  

5-I wear T-shirts with cartoon characters sometimes because it’s a good icebreaker with elementary school kids.    

6-Ringo Starr was my favorite Beatle when I was little because I thought he had a cool name.  Now John Lennon is my Beatle of choice.    

6-I watched M*A*S*H, Happy Days, and the local news for fun when most other little kids were only watching Sesame Street and Barney.   7-I like Alice and Wonderland, especially The Cheshire Cat.  8-The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite painting; I love the colors.

9-My brother Ian and I used to debate almost daily whether the bathroom looks better with the shower curtain closed or open.  Nobody won; we just eventually got tired of talking about it.  But I still think it looks better closed.      

10-I’ve had two wedding proposals, but both were in jest.  One was by a five-year-old who came close to tears.       

11-I think dreadlocks that are on the shorter side are awesome, but I also like the “crunchy” (hippie-ish) look.    

12-I always use “Moe” when starting a new online account of some sort.  

13-I look forward every week to reading the Sunday comics, because they’re always in color and there are two full pages.  It’s also the only day of the week we get the paper.   

14-When I was little my favorite game was to freeze my small plastic toys in bowls in the freezer.  My mom would frequently find Batman, and Bert and Ernie all frozen solid in the middle of a bowl of water.      

15- Wearing flip-flops is one of my favorite things about summer, but it’s nice to have a slight break from the rain, too.




2 responses

10 12 2006

hi! found your site via ‘life:the journey’.

i liked it right away. could be ‘cuz we share the same birthday. could be ‘cuz we share a love of lizards. could be ‘cuz i also liked ringo best, once upon a time.

could be that you just have a really well done blog. i read the post on ‘the prestige’, and i am really looking forward to it. i very much like christian bale. he is one of the best actors out there.

“Life: The Journey” is my mom’s blog; I’m glad you wondered over.

I’ve always thought March 2nd is a wonderful day for a birthday. Lizards are beautiful animals, and theyr’e also very cool. And Ringo Starr is still great, even if he isn’t quite my favorite. I’m glad to hear you share my love for lizards, The Beatles, and the best day in the year.

I’m glad you liked the post on “The Prestige.” It’s a very well made movie, and Christian Bale does a great job, but there’s really no suprise there.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

1 03 2007

I like the first number eleven. Funny!

I fixed it, so it’s now number ten. 😛

Yes, it was pretty funny.


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