Movie Review: The Prestige

21 11 2006

The story opens in turn-of-the-century England, amongst the top hats and theatre shows.  Rupert Angier (Hugh Jackman, Wolverine from “X-Men”) and Alfred Borden (Christian Bale, Batman from “Batman Begins”) are both professional magicians struggling to work their way up the ladder of success.  Before long, the story takes a very dark turn, and never turns back.


When it comes to well-made movies, this film pretty much has it all; the casting couldn’t be better, the storyline is original and will give you plenty to talk about long after the credits begin to roll, the director (Christopher Nolan, who also directed “Batman Begins”) doesn’t disappoint, and in a dark and often eerie sort of way, the cinematography is beautiful. 


Based on some of the movie trailers, I was anticipating a thrilling movie that possibly dealt with the supernatural and paranormal, but instead of being in the middle of something straight out of “The Twilight Zone,” I found myself watching a well-made modern horror. 


Yes, the movie is well done, but it’s also horrifying, dark and very disturbing.  I agree with the sentiments of one moviegoer who commented, “It was a good movie… I think I hated it.”  In the hours after the movie has ended, your mind has time to sort out all the little pieces that at first didn’t quite make sense, which only makes it even more disturbing.


When it comes to horror movies, this one is well made.  So if you like disturbing and dark films, this may be right up your alley.  The movie isn’t explicitly graphic, violent, or gory, but it is disturbing none-the-less.  Keep in mind it’s rated PG13 for a reason.


My main word of warning is don’t ask people who have already seen it what it’s about and don’t read reviews.  One of this movie’s best features is its plot, and it could easily be spoiled with just a nutshell version of the basic storyline.  If you think it’s something you might want to see, go see it, but don’t ask questions about it.  Magicians never reveal their secrets, but moviegoers often spoil plots, and you’d regret having this plot spoiled for you.




2 responses

12 12 2006

I envy you greatly. I wish to see this film terribly. It looks so good…

12 12 2006

It is a good movie. I hadn’t see one that was done as well in the theater for a long time. It was too dark for my taste, but I’m still glad I saw it. If it’s something you’d like to see, you should definitley go see it if you can.

Are you in a “movie review mood” this evening?


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