Based on More than Circumstances

10 11 2006

I appreciate how there isn’t an answer given in these songs for the pain being experienced.  Sometimes, all you can do is hold onto the Cross, and know that because of what He did two thousand years ago, He loves you.  It’s not an answer to the haunting, heart-wrenching questions, it’s not a remedy for the pain, it’s faith that God is still on the throne and even though you can’t feel it, even though you can’t see it, He truly loves you. 

“There was a time when I could bravely face the storm/ Oh, but answers don’t come easy anymore/ Today, I can only trust/ Your hands are strong enough/ To hold me up/ When answers don’t come easy anymore.”

 -from Answers Don’t Come Easy, by Scott Riggan 

I breathe a prayer and dare/ To hope for a reply/ I know You’re there, aware/ And so I wonder why/ So much lost, so much pain/ So are You listening?/ So high the cost of losing faith/ To wishful thinking/ I thought I knew You/ These threads have come undone/ Belief unraveling/ My faith is tangled up/ While doubt is splitting at the seams/ Make my wish to the sky/ What will the answer be?/ Silence is Your reply/ And somehow I still believe/ But I thought I knew You/ And maybe it’s just me/ But I can’t hear a thing/ As hard as I try/ Am I asking too much/ To want You to just speak up/ And tell me why?/ I breathe a prayer and dare/ To hope for Your reply…  

-from I Thought I Knew You, by Scott Riggan and R. Jason Collum




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11 11 2006
Joy Comes in the Morning? « Mental Meanderings

[…] These thoughts came to me as I was pondering this entry.  As you can see by my comment, it reminded me of Ps. 88, which I have also been pondering this week. […]

11 11 2006

These songs remind me a lot of Ps. 88. “Silence is Your reply.” I’m sure people can have strong faith who have never had that experience, but on this side of things, I’m glad I have had it.

They remined me of Ps. 88, too.


13 11 2006
Maria Toth

Thanks for sharing that
God bless
Maria in the UK

Thank you for stopping by, Maria.


15 11 2006

Very thought provoking. I like to believe every prayer is answered but in God’s time not ours and sometimes the answer is no.
You alwasy have such interesting postings

Yes, I believe every pray is answered, too. It just doesn’t always seem like they are, because sometimes it isn’t as quickly as we’d like and sometimes the answer is no.


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