Looking at Regret

25 10 2006

Hind’s site is a very valuable tool.  If you let it, it can show you who you truly are, not just who you’d like to imagine yourself out to be.  Unfortunately though with the realization of one’s own depravity and sheer stupidity comes the sting of regret, and by than there’s often nothing to be done about it, which only makes it harder to sweep it under the mat.  “How could I of been such a fool?” is the question without any answer in sight.      

“And we know all things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28.  Due to the overuse of this verse I often associate it with refrigerator magnets with perky animals on them, and people who aren’t really listening to you, but feel the need to throw something out there, but when you get past the stupidity that’s become entwined with this truth you’re left with a beautiful promise that I can’t even begin to truly understand.   

This promise isn’t just limited to the unjust and seemingly pointless heartaches we encounter in life, the things we were just dealt, but hand no control over, it extends to the things I do, my own mistakes.  When I do something foolish God doesn’t only forgive me if it was a sin, but He says He’ll take that thing, which I brought on myself and work it together for good in my life.  It’s such an amazing promise it should be held in reverence, not as a trite well-wishing.        

Forgiveness would be mercy, not getting what I deserve, but God shows me His amazing grace by taking my stupidity and using it for something good.  There’s nothing trite about that. 




3 responses

29 10 2006

Thanks for the visit., come back anytime. I agree that Rom. 8:28 is an over-used scripture and like you said once we get past all the “stupidity” you see the beautiful promise.
Isn’t that just like the search for truth? We have to get through all the “stupid” stuff, to see the beauty and experience the peace and freedom that is found there.
Have a blessed day!

I plan on visiting your site again.

Yes, it is a good deal like the search for truth. “The Pilgrim’s Regress” by C.S. Lewis is a good book, and deals with the someone searching for truth. If you haven’t read it yet; it’s a good read.


30 10 2006
Maria Toth

Yes, but we have to take TIME to look back!

In Jesus,
Maria in the UK

It does take time to look back. Sometimes, though, when regret is eating away at you, it’s hard not to look back.


30 10 2006

So well worded so well expressed. I know through my life I have often blundered along and have gotten into real messes. God has always been there to help me pick up the pieces and when I really think back on it I realize I learned and grew though each of those issues. While in the middle of my “crisis” my world seemed to be crashing in on me. Only later did I realize the value of the message or lesson I learned. Thank you for stating so clearly.

Thank you, Bill, for sharing.


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