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22 10 2006

“As Christians we know, in theory at least, that in the life of a child of God there are no second causes, that even the most unjust and cruel things, as well as all seemingly pointless and undeserved sufferings, have been permitted by God as a glorious opportunity for us to react to them in such a way that our Lord and Savior is able to produce in us, little by little, his own lovely character.”

–Hannah Hurnard, from Hinds’ Feet on High Places




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23 10 2006

Excellent quote. God does allow obstacles to come into our lives, that we may learn and grow from overcoming them. Any such challenge will either uplift of defeat us. Our will allows us to chose.

23 10 2006

It’s one of my favorite quotes; if not my favorite.

Thank you for sharing a bit about your own spiritual journey and the process of coming to acceptance through your own suffering. It’s very true; if life was easy, we won’t grow.

When I was young I had arthritis like symptoms for years, and there was nothing the doctors, my parents, or anyone else could do. For the first time in my young life no one could do anything, no one could help me; no one but God. It wasn’t fun in the least and I missed out on hours and hours of fun with my neighborhood pals, but through that season in my life God became real in a way He never had been before, because I truly needed Him. It was the first time I learned to truly trust that God does love me and wants what’s best for me, even though I don’t understand. God was the only one who could hold me up and get me though, one moment at a time. 

It’s ironic, when I look back over my childhood, the things I value the most are the pain and the struggles, because of what I was able to learn from them and how I grew. I now see it as a gift, a blessing; not a curse. God wants us to grow, and trials and struggles do bring about growth, but it’s hard to see the growth until you’re able to look back over what’s happened.

Now, once again, I’m at the end of myself, and no one can help. It’s hard and it hurts, but I have faith that God truly love me, that He’s good, and I know He’ll walk through this with me. I can’t always see His love, but I know it’s there.

Grace for the moment,

23 10 2006

Thank you, reading those words, brought clarity to what I am feeling. I have always believed God gives us opportunities to grow not problems. As you put is blessings not curses. In my head I have known that and believed that, reading your words, helped move it from my head to my heart
Thank you

23 10 2006

You have worded this so well would you consider please adding it to my site as a comment.
Thanks again

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