Superman Returns

10 07 2006

Look up in the sky… it’s a bird… it’s a plane… no, it’s a computer generated Superman!


After being gone for five years, Superman returns to discover life in the big city isn’t how he left it.  Lois, the love of his life, is now dating another reporter, newspapers no longer exhibit his picture or even mention his name, the world appears to have moved on and left the blue-and-red clad hero in the dust.  “Does the world still need Superman?”, is the question that sets the stage for the film.


For those of you who will always think of Christopher Reeve as the legendary face of the Man of Steel, Brandon Routh looks and acts impressively like Reeve, which makes the transition easier.  Routh is good as both Superman and the awkward newspaper reporter, Clark Kent.  Lex Luther, Superman’s arch nemesis played by Kevin Spacey, adds a bit of warped humor and sarcasm to the film, for good measure.            


The storyline isn’t deep and hardly has a shred of realism to it, but it’s a comic book-based story about a man from outer space who flies around in a cape.  If it was something other than comic book-ish it wouldn’t be Superman.  Even the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve were move like a cartoon than a realistic drama. 


Because of this, I didn’t expect the movie to be profound and meaningful, but sometimes the storyline leaves you feeling apathetic toward the characters and the impending dangers.  As one reviewer put it, “Superman flies up, but he doesn’t always take you with him.”


The special effects were probably my biggest complaint.  The effects looked like something straight out of a made-for-TV movie, and were more painful that anything to sit through.  The changes between the actor and the computer-generated Superman are not only visible, they’re distracting.  If I didn’t know special effects could be any better, I would say they should’ve waited a few years before trying something like this to avoid such a cheesy looking effect. 


It looks like they spent more time working on the opening credits — which are impressive — than the rest of the movie.  Aside from the opening credits, it might be something to see on a small screen.


There are subtle inappropriate implications made right from the start.  It’s not something you’d have to watch with the remote in hand, but just be aware it is rates PG-13 for a reason.  


With a funny opening storyline, a talented cast, and special effects always on the rise, this movie had a lot of potential.  Unfortunately, it didn’t fully live up to it.




2 responses

12 12 2006

This movie sucked. I completely agree on the craptacular FX, but also there was no climactic fight or great “Super” struggle. Instead, the average Joes were the real heroes, which isn’t what I want from a Superman movie; it only shows that the world indeed does not need Superman. Also, why do crystals react with water? And since they do randomly react with water, producing cataclysmic effects, why, when Luther’s lady dumped them onto a sinking island from which they surely fell into the ocean, did those crystals not react and create bigger, more horrible catastrophies? And while Superman’s character was casted quite well, Spacey was just plain wrong. Pirates II I could at least live with, was entertained by, and I’ll probably go see the third, but this was pathetic.

12 12 2006

Agreed; it was pathetic. I thought it was quite a letdown. But I did like Spacey in it, he was the only part I actually almost liked.


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